6 Best platforms for investors in 2021

if you choose the right way, don’t forget to choose the right tools too !

It is undeniable that this era is known as the golden age for investment. Whether it is in the stock market, Forex market, or in Cryptocurrency market. They are all getting more and more popular continuously. As nowadays everyone is paying more attention to different investment markets, but not everyone can succeed.

How about if we have good tools to help?

It would be nice if we had a tool that would allow us to keep up with the news especially for investors. To help analyze the direction and forecast trends from various situations accurately. It can be called a group and society for traders in particular. Which is such a best way and best platform for all investor and trader.

And today I would like to introduce a good help for investors. That will be the best useful for every investor and trader.



Eiloy is a combination of a social investment platform for global investors. Users will get a wide variety of experiences from the many features of this platform.

Honestly, if we are looking for a group or communication to talk about the stock market and the Forex market, we may search for a group for traders, the forex trading group, but it might not be very popular. Because nowadays, most traders prefer to use a platform that was created specifically for investors to stay up to date with the latest news.


  • You can follow Master traders and communicate with them
  • Keep up with a situation about various investment markets
  • Copytrade system is available on this platform, you can follow all master traders in Forex, CFD Stocks and Cryptocurrency markets.

You can download the Eiloy app for both android and IOS, which you can use for free with all features without paying any monthly developer fees. It is truly the best social network platform that should be used in 2021.

2. Stocktwits.com

The long-established platform for Stocktwits, first released in 2008, has given it a reliable platform with a large number of followers and users. Which investors and traders around the world like to use this platform.

Stocktwits’ system is connected to Twitter, so they have a similar system. This allows us to follow the news at all times.


  • Follow the latest trends both news and the data related to stocks as well as follow the accounts of famous investors or traders
  • Create a Watchlist for the stocks you want to keep an eye on. The platform will fetch news about the watchlist you choose to read in real time.
  • Talk with all-star investors through Stocktwits, we can chat with professional traders to exchange ideas.

As for the service fee, Stocktwits offers a free trial. But if you want to use an advanced version that can find and reach more information, as well as upgrade your profile. There will be a service fee of $7.99 per month.

3. Scutify.com

This platform has a similar functionality to Stocktwits, where traders from all over the world can share and follow the news. In Scutify, You can keep up with stock market news, Forex market.

Scutify also has a function and works similarly like Twitter. We can follow the news and situations through popular hashtags at the moment as on Twitter.


  • You can keep up with the latest trends and news on a wide variety of subjects through the hashtags.
  • Chat and communicate with other traders through Scuttles.
  • There is an iTunes for Finance feature where we can reach reviews from famous investors or master traders to get exclusive details about the market trends.

to access more information You may register the Premium Scuttles to reach exclusive information from top master traders. Or a Premium Subscriptions feature In order to follow those master traders in real time which is allowed for Premium users only, start at $9.99 per month.

4. Tradingview.com

Tradingview has information from the stock market, Forex market, Cryptocurrency market. including market analysis It is very suitable for studying information from news and articles.

Tradingview’s functionality is similar to Stocktwits and Scutify, but it focuses on analytical articles rather than the two platforms above.


  • Best news updates which are selected by editors with good information of stock market and various trends.
  • Keep up all uptrend and downtrend of stocks in each market. with real-time market overview.
  • Chat channel for us to communicate with other traders on the international server. And there are chat channels for each country that will be convenient to communicate in the same language.

Tradingview is available for a free trial. But if you want to use all the features comprehensively, you need to pay a monthly fee. Starting at $14.95

5. Trade.collective2.com — C2

Trade.collective2.com — C2 is another platform that allows investors to use a copytrade function from master traders. The advantage is that you can take a look for free. But if you want to use it, you have to pay as a monthly membership.


  • Able to use Copytrade function
  • The trading system requires connecting your broker account to the C2 platform and trading according to the rules of the system.

There are now four price tiers, ranging from $19 per month to $299 per month. which users will be able to use different features This means that if you want to use the full range of features, you have to pay a $299 per month subscription.

6. Myvoleo.com — Voleo

Myvoleo.com — Voleo is made for all investors who want to build an online investing community. You can trade stocks with experienced people, and make more informed investment decisions.


  • You can exchange articles and investment news with other traders
  • You can invite friends to create an invest group or combine funds and create a community.
  • You can study and learn from other community groups, or exchange your information with other groups.

This app will charge a fee per transaction. Including paying monthly service fees for using each month as well.


Although investing is easier nowadays. But starting with self investment education may take a long time to gain experience and success.

But starting with a guide will help you to reach the goal faster. Having an investor social network can help both new and expert investors gain and change their experience, also exchange knowledge.

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